Adsorption Tank

Adsorption tank is very similar with leaching tank, except that adsorption tank has carbon segregation screen and air lifter, which contribute to adsorb the gold to the activated carbon.

Driven Mode: Mechanical agitation type; Combined agitation type

Model: Φ2.0*2.5m~ Φ9.5*10.0m

Adsorption Tank

HOT's Understanding on Adsorption Tank

As the key equipment in agitation leaching process, the adsorption tank needs to be designed carefully in the structure and function.

Based on our long-term practice and experience summarize,every adsorption tank provided by HOT,can exert its maximum function, and create the greatest value for the clients.

Influence Factors of Adsorption Effect

1.1 Different properties of activated carbon cause the difference of adsorption effect. Including the carbon’s adsorption capacity, the strength and the particle size;

1.2 The properties of the slurry, including its content of coarse sand and sawdust, and its concentration and viscosity, as well as its PH and content of organic

1.3 The operating parameters will also influence the adsorption effect, it refer to the volume and the way of feeding the compressed gas, and the concentration of leaching agents and the carbon amount in the system.

Parameters of adsorption tank

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