H-LH Mini Experimental Gold Dredge

Single/ Double Pump Mini Experimental Gold Dredge

1.Product introduction

The experimental gold dredge, also called mini gold dredge, is suitable for using in places where have shoals and stones and the places where is difficult to operate for the bigger gold dredge. The mini gold dredge is small and light. The total weight is only tens of kilograms. It is easy to operation and carry.

Its gold extraction equipment is a chute covering device with high gold extraction efficiency; the gold dredge is made of stainless steel frame structure, which is easy to disassemble and transport; using the high-strength plastic floating device which is more suitable for environmental protection.

Working Principle

The floating device floats on the water when carrying out the operation. The silt at the bottom of the river is pumped and then separated by the sorting system installed on the gold dredge. Large particles of sand were discarded, soil was washed away, and fine grains that carry gold grains were sent to the gold chute or conveyor belt.