H-LY Shaking Table

Shaking Table

The shaking table is one of the commonly used equipment for gravity separation, ore separation feasibility research, experiment and small scale factories. H-LY shaking table is suitable for separation of mineral ore and fine and extra fine grain of rare metals, such as black metals, nonferrous metals, precious metals and so on. The equipment can be used as an independent ore dressing operation, and can also be used in conjunction with jig, spiral concentrator, centrifugal concentrator and other mineral processing equipment.

H-LY shaking table is mainly composed of head, electric motor, slope adjuster, table, mining tank, water tank, and lubrication system. It is widely used in the separation of tungsten, tin, antimony, gold and other rare metals and precious metal ore. It can be used for separate different grades of ore such as coarse (2-0.5mm), fine (0.5-0.74mm) and slime (-0.074mm). It can also be used to separation iron, manganese ore and coal. When processing ore such as tungsten or tin, the effective recovery particle size of the shaker ranges from 2 to 0.22 mm.

Product advantages:

1. The lateral slope adjustment range is large (0-10 degrees), and the stroke is easy to adjust.

2. The table surface is flat, corrosion-resistant, durable, not easy to deform, and easy to repair.

3. Keep the table surface running smoothly when changing the lateral slope and stroke.

4. The spring is placed inside the chassis and is compact.

5. The head runs reliably, has few wearable parts, and does not leak oil.

6. No consumption of chemicals, less power consumption.

7. The minerals with different specific gravity are obviously separated on the bed surface, the quality of the concentrate is high, and the operation and adjustment are convenient.