Desorption and Electro-deposition System

With the development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to the recovery of gold from gold loaded carbon by an economic way, instead of burning it to get the gold.

Therefore, the technology of desorption and electro-deposition has been developed, and then high temperature and high pressure non- cyanide desorption and electro-deposition system was gradually created out.

Capacity: 300~5000kg/batch

Desorption and Electro-deposition System

Working Principle of Desorption

Desorption is an application of Fick's First Law. There is a reversible equilibrium relationship between gold on the surface of activated carbon and gold in the solution. With the change of temperature / pressure / pH value and some other parameters, the adsorption amount of carbon will also change.

Description of Electro-deposition

Electro-deposition is the process of converting electrical energy into chemical energy. The gold and silver complex ions in the solution are reduced under the action of electrodes. Gold and silver metals and H2 are produced on the cathode, while O2 and CO2 and NH3 are produced on the anode.

Why you need choose HOT?

Desorption and electro-deposition system provided by HOT, is adopted the most advanced technology and manufacturing technology in China. As the equipment belongs to special equipment, and most of our clients are international clients, the requirements for material selection and processing technology are more stringent and are all higher than the Chinese national/industry standard.

Our technical team has the strength of independent research and development, our after-sales service team has rich experience in practice and commissioning, and we have been working with the Scientific Research Institute for a long time to continuously improve the stability of the system and the ability of automatic protection

Technical Parameter

The above parameters are only for reference. If there are changes, the parameters are subject to practice.